Questions and answers

How to make an exchange?
  • On the main page select the currency pair and click on "Exchange", then in the pop-up window enter the needed amount and click "Continue".
  • Enter your email, phone number, crypto wallet address and click "Continue\n"- the exchange request will be submitted.
  • When selling crypto, before the exchange request expires, you need to make a transfer to the address you see on the screen and insert the transaction hash (Tx) into the relevant field.
  • Once the transaction gets the required number of confirmations and the transfer arrives to our account, the corresponding amount will be credited to the requisites you indicated.
What is a confirmation and how many confirmations are needed for the money to be credited to the account?

Confirmation is when a record about a particular transaction is made in blockchain and the transaction is added to the block. We require 3 confirmation to consider the transaction successful.

What is a transaction hash?

Transaction hash (Tx) is a unique transaction id in the blockchain. Transaction hash looks like a random set of letters and digits. The hash lengths vary for different cryptocurrencies, for example bitcoins transaction hash consists of 64 characters.

What is a blockchain fee (miners fee)?

This is the fee miners receive for processing transactions. The amount of the blockchain fee depends on many factors, one of them is a wallet transaction history. The bigger amounts you sent, the lower will be the blockchain fee. And vice versa, if there is a history of micro deposits on your wallet - the blockchain fee will be higher.

Do I need to register on the website to make an exchange?

No, registration is not mandatory. The registration makes the exchange process easier because you don't need to enter all the details (email, phone number etc.) over again, but it is not obligatory.

Is it possible to exchange the amount that exceeds the exchange limit indicated on the website?

Yes. In order to do it you need to contact us via email indicated in the Contacts section or using our contact form. We will get back to you to discuss the details.

What are the rules for crediting funds?

Terms and regulations depending on the payment system can be found by the link cсылке.

Использование memo/tag.

Уважаемый клиент, обратите внимание, что тег/мемо не есть обязательным для каждой отправки монет, но если ваш кошелек содержит тег/мемо, а вы не укажете его или укажете неверный, средства будут безвозвратно утеряны.